Tantra Bodywork Ritual

is a highly sensual experience. It begins with a consultation to see what you would like to work on, and what your desires are. It continues with a ritual and follows with full body on body experience where you allow yourself to receive only. A blend of techniques are utilised in the ritual such as lomi-lomi, Ayurvedic, reflexology, Indian head massage. A combination of soft and hard strokes are applied, stimulation of various pressure points and lymphatic system, emphasis on conscious breathing. Massage of your yony or lingham (Sanskrit words for vagina and penis). Prostate massage for women as well as for men can be included. Please note, tantric sessions are not goal oriented, meaning, it is very beautiful to experience orgasm as well as it is very beautiful to not experience orgasm.

BDSM Ritual

First we have a consultation to find out what you would like to experience and then I will safely accompany you on your journey.

BDSM is an acronym for Bondage - Dominance - Submission - Sadism - Masochism. Do not necessarily think that it is all about screams, blood, black leather, chains, and woman being the victim. These cliche elements are relatively outdated, although some people still utilise them. As we have different melodies in music, the same is applied on BDSM. Some melodies are very slow and soft, others are faster and harder, and others are something in between, and others are something in between the already existing in between and so on. When we play, we give ourselves and each other permission and encouragement to explore the further reaches of our psyches and to adventure bravely down the path of the so called, by our society constructed term the‘‘forbidden’’.

Blend of Tantra and BDSM

a combination of above.

If you are interested in learning one or both above stated disciplines I can tailor a specific package which will suit your individual needs.