Kinky Wellbeing Massage

August 31st 2019, Basel - Switzerland

10am - 6pm

I invite you to a one day workshop in the venue The Place 2Be. Together, we will safely and gently explore how to handle the body and genitals applying variety of touches drawing from therapeutic and intelligent disciplines of reflexology, pressure points, Tantra and BDSM.

In order to experience mutual pleasure from such practices you have to allow it first. This workshop is an introduction into a playful dynamic of giving and receiving in which emotional and muscular release and relaxation converge. 

You will learn through demonstrations, and hands on exercises with your partner. 

Besides learning the technical aspect of touching the body and genitals this workshop also focuses on expansion of your attention, creativity, body awareness, deepening your sense of presence, clear communication and feedbacking. 

Who is it for?

All sexual orientations, ages, religions are welcome. Working with inclusion.

You can apply as a couple (not necessarily you need to be in a romantic or sexual relationship), or as an individual. If you do not have anyone to come with and you are interested in attending this workshop, just write me and I try to find somebody for you.

What to bring: large towel, lungi, your own oil (coco, almond, olive, no parfumed one), erotic toys if you like. 

Price: CHF 100 Early Bird Price (ends August 2nd, 2019)

CHF 120 Regular Price

Please, be aware that due to capacity of the venue the places are limited. First come first serve.