The Visit Of Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Who are we?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith are two creative, skilled and intelligent people with knowledge of psychology, bodywork, emotions, and conscious erotic play. We want to take care of you and will be inspiring and supporting your erotic interaction in a safe and playful manner. Trust us. We are in an active role and you can just follow. How comfortable is that? 

We are a highly passionate couple who loves sharing our skills and passions with you.

What do we do?

We come to your place and start confidently improvising and following our intuition based on how you and your place inspires us utilising our competences (stated above). We also bring our own material and tools which we might use or we might not. Besides the playful element we bring into your day we also would like to show that your house as it is, is already equipped with ''all you need to play'' objects. It is all about allowing yourself to be creative, even if it feels silly at first. 

Essential parts gained in this visit begins already before The Visit of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  You need to trust and face the unknown, which many people fear. Yet these are the very basic mental states inevitably included in our life to learn to embrace and feel comfortable in.

Still too vague? Ok, so for you to have more or less an idea of what we do: Basically, we will take you gently and carefully for a WALK THROUGH THE GARDEN OF BDSM DELIGHTS

As we have different melodies in music, the same is applied to BDSM. Some melodies are very slow and soft, others are faster and harder, and others are something in between, and others are something in between the already existing in between and so on. Got the idea?

  • We might make and serve you food from ingredients we bring ourselves or find in your kitchen. Based on improvisation. 

  • We might do some yoga and meditation with you. 

  • We might play games on leading and following alias dominance and submission with you.

  • We might do some bodywork with  you or teach you different techniques of giving and receiving touch.

Anything more? The sky is the limit.

In Your Service, 

Mr. & Mrs. Smith